How to Use Topsters 2

Last FM Collage

You can now import your scrobbles using the red button in the top left corner. You will be prompted for your username and a time period. A new chart will be added to your chart list that contains your most scrobbled albums for that period.

There is now also a new switch in the options menu for displaying playcounts in imports.

Click here to make a Last FM collage.

Saving & Backing Up

If you clear your browser data, you may lose your charts. For this reason it is recommended that you periodically make backups of your charts. To do so, click Show OptionsExport Backup. This will give you a .json file with all of your chart data. Store this file somewhere on your computer. Now you can safely clear browsing data before reimporting your charts with Show OptionsImport Backup.

Missing Albums

If the search feature does not return the album you're looking for, follow these steps:

  1. In a new browser window (or tab), search Google Images for the missing album.
  2. In Google, click ToolsSizeMedium to filter the results.
  3. Click the album you want. This will load the expanded version in a panel on the right.
  4. Right-click the expanded image and click "open image in new tab" or "view image" (depending on your browser).
  5. Drag and drop this image onto your chart in the other browser window (or tab).

    (NOTE: Alternatively, you can copy this image url into the Topsters search bar and hit Enter.)

Mobile Support

I have redesigned the site to work on tablets and phones. You can scroll and zoom around the page using flick/pinch gestures. You can add albums to the chart by tapping and then dragging.

Custom fonts

You can now use any font that is installed on your computer, even if that font doesn't show up in the list of suggestions. Check Microsoft Word (or a similar offline application) for a font you like, then enter it into Show OptionsFont.

Removing images from the chart

Search for something, scroll to the end of the list of results, and drag the transparent tile onto the album that you wish to remove from your chart.


You can create a movie chart by setting Modemovies using the toggle above the search bar.


I created Topsters 2 as an alternative to the original, which did not support drag-and-drop.

Help & Support

Is your question not answered here? Think you've found a bug? Email [email protected].